Review from Greg Johnson, President of CBA

As one of Eugene’s favorite vocalists, Joanne Broh is known for her rousing live performances. One such night taking place at Mac’s in February 2018 was captured and is now available as her latest recording, Live. Backed by a stellar band featuring twin guitars by masters Jerry Zybach and Garry Meziere, bass man Bill Foss and Ed Pierce on drums, she was also joined by guest Walter Herleman on harmonica for a few tracks.

The album is filled with Broh’s live show nuggets, including two numbers from her previous acclaimed disc, Wicked Cool, that was named Album of the Year by the Rainy Day Blues Society. The band also runs through several cover tunes that Broh completely makes her own coming from songwriters like Bobby Bland, Willie Dixon, Kansas City Joe McCoy and others. The musical interplay from the band is right on target, which is only expected when dealing with recognized veterans of the local blues community. This is especially true with the guitar conversations between Zybach and Meziere, most notably on “Let’s Work On It.”

Joanne Broh’s range of genre stylings between blues and jazz is represented nicely with soulful approaches and her trademark ball of fire stage energy. Live is truly a nice representation of her stage prowess that can only be mostly appreciated seeing in person, but this is a close second if you are not anywhere near where she is performing. And when you have two of Oregon’s finest guitarists behind her, it just doesn’t get much better.

Total Time: 43:38

Stand Back / Wicked Cool / Kitchen Man / Blues Got A Hold Of My Head / Why Don’t You Do Right / Let’s Work On It / Ain’t Doin’ Too Bad / Fall In Love / Wig Chalet / Black Cat Bone / I Don’t Care Who Knows

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Stand Back
Blues Got A Hold Of My Head
Why Don’t You Do Right
Let’s Work On It
Black Cat Bone

Recorded by Stan Welsh live at Mac’s Restaurant and Nightclub “Home of the Blues”, Eugene, OR

Co-produced, edited, and mixed by Lance Seiders and Stan Welsh.

Cover photo by Steve Spoulos.

CD duplication by Atomic Disc

Graphic design: JJ Walker, Pioneering Design